Our WHY! A personal message from our Director, Kerry, about why she founded Beanstalk!

Beanstalk Business Support CIC has been a personal dream of mine for many years, and I am so proud (and humbled) that it has finally come true. Every combination of events in my life has led to Beanstalk!

Teenage mum

At 16 years of age, I was still at school when my son was born. This left me in a position where I had no qualifications or skills for employment, and I was reliant on state benefits and living in social housing. My family had to move away for work, leaving me as a vulnerable lone parent. Without family support, I experienced a range of mental health issues that included loneliness and intense social isolation. As my mental health deteriorated, it became harder for me to see a way forward – yet I desperately wanted to improve the life of myself and my son.

Joyce came into my life.

By chance, I came across a project for young mums to attend a work placement programme and college. Not only could I achieve an education and work experience, but they also funded a nursery place for my son. I was assigned a job coach – Joyce Boreham, and with her support, encouragement, and empathy, I completed the work placement programme, gained a business administration qualification, and achieved the skills and confidence necessary for permanent employment and a meaningful career.

This changed my life and paved a new path for me.

Without the support from Joyce, this may never have happened, and I’ve dedicated my life to be that person for others. Empowering them to improve their life chances. I have over 25 years of professional experience supporting people towards employment, whether this has been through overseeing work placements and apprenticeships through previous employment or supporting those on funded projects for Myerscough College, Preston Vocational Centre, and Community Gateway Association.

One step at a time.

Everything that I have learned through my personal and professional experience has shown how vital it is for everyone to be able to access education, learning, and a meaningful career.

I saw first-hand and have witnessed others who have also felt that moving forwards is too big a task. Even if a course has been on offer, the barriers to attending have piled up so that confidence, self-belief, and motivation have been shattered. I have set up Beanstalk to break down these barriers to employment one step at a time. This is achieved by continuing to provide projects that offer wrap-around pastoral support, work experience, understanding, and encouragement.

I am thankful every day for the opportunity that was given to me.

If it wasn’t for the support of Joyce, my job coach, and accessing the project, I’m not sure where my son and I would be now. The impact of these projects is immeasurable – it helps change the lives of so many people for the better!

Beanstalk is making a difference to as many people as possible, just as my job coach did for me. I dedicate Beanstalk to Joyce with love and thanks.

Kerry x