Lancashire Devolution Event

Beanstalk Business Centre CIC will attend the Lancashire Devolution Event

Beanstalk Business Centre CIC are going to the upcoming Lancashire devolution event. This important meeting, scheduled for January 18th, 2024, is a significant step for the community as it shapes the future of the region under the proposed devolution deal.

The event is organised by Shout Connect, Selnet, and the Lancashire LEP. It offers an opportunity for local organisations to gain insights and express their views on the devolution process.

Understanding the Impact on Local Needs

For Beanstalk Business Centre CIC, the devolution deal could provide new ways to support local businesses and enhance employment and skills development in the community. The team at Beanstalk is keen to learn how the proposed changes might allow for more effective and responsive services, tailored to the unique needs of Lancashire’s residents and businesses.

Key Topics of Discussion

The event will address several critical aspects of the devolution deal:

• How likely is ratification of the deal that is currently on the table?
• What are the points of debate around Lancashire having a mayor, similar to Andy Burnham in Manchester or Steve Rotherham in Liverpool City Region?
• Will a devolved Lancashire have access to more business funding?
• Would a devolved Lancashire be given more funding for transport?
• This is your chance to get involved in the debate and hear a range of opinions.
• Speak to other businesses and Social enterprises to take their view on the prospect of a devolved Lancashire and why.
• Learn more about current business support. This gathering is a chance for Beanstalk Business Centre CIC and others to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of Lancashire.

Further Information and Participation

Those interested in the devolution discussion are encouraged to book their places at the event. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit Eventbrite – What Does Devolution Mean for Your Lancashire Organisation

Further information about the devolution deal can be found at:

Lancashire County Council News – Devolution deal announcement
Lancashire devolution deal – GOV.UK
Lancashire Devolution Website

Beanstalk Business Centre CIC looks forward to contributing to this important conversation and exploring how these changes will shape the future of our region.