We’re Not Just About Jobs; We’re About Journeys

At Beanstalk, every person we meet has their own story, and we’re all about getting right into the heart of that story. We predominantly focus on one-on-one support because we know everyone’s story is different. It’s not just about finding someone a job; it’s more about understanding what’s holding them back and working through it together. We’re here to celebrate every little win along the way.

Let me tell you about one incredible person we’ve had the privilege of working with – a young person dealing with high anxiety, autism, ADHD, and low confidence. When they first came to us, the thought of coming to an appointment without their mum was unthinkable. But now, they’re showing up on their own and that’s a massive leap forward in their journey! It’s not just about showing up; it’s about growing in self-confidence bit by bit.

It’s these little moments that mean the world to us. We’re not just about jobs; we’re about journeys. We’re here to help people believe in themselves, to take those daring little steps. And when they do, we’re right there, cheering them on and celebrating every success along the way.

So, if you’re thinking about joining us or know someone who might benefit from our programmes, why not get in touch? Drop us an email at hello@beanstalkbusiness.co.uk or give us a ring on 0300 365 5530. We’re ready to start this journey together.