Message from our Director

I’m incredibly proud of team Beanstalk. Our journey started in June 2021, when we recognised that many not-for-profit organisations and small business owners were constantly striving for results while juggling everything else. So we established Beanstalk to help organisations regain their sense of focus and keep doing their best work with one less thing to worry about!

Here at Beanstalk, we are focused on removing barriers to employment, not only by supporting businesses so they can keep providing essential jobs, but by also offering work experience opportunities within our organisation. We are building a wonderful team who are advocates of Beanstalk’s values that give everyone a sense of feeling respected and valued and we are creating a culture where everybody can unleash their greatness and those around them.

Beanstalk aims to make a difference, benefit society, and positively impact communities. The communities we live in have lots of character and are unique. They provide an individuality that reflects the town’s personality. This makes it very special for people who work or own businesses to call their local community home. Business owners and employees usually live within their communities because they want to contribute positively by adding jobs locally while maintaining solid bonds. So, when we see our small businesses flourish, it’s a win/win for everyone.

It is an exciting time to launch Beanstalk Business Support CIC, and we can’t wait to help build strong, healthy businesses and strong, healthy communities. We can’t wait to see where this next year and beyond will take us . . .

Kerry Stevens