Apprenticeships: Finding your future!

Leaving school is a life changer for every teenager in the country. It’s the start of growing up and taking a step towards adulthood.

Many young people follow a traditional route into college and university. Others will find themselves out of work and education altogether, but what if your career and ability to mature was closer than you thought?

You want money now, you know what you want to do, you are ready, and you’re willing. You don’t want to sit at home anymore, dreaming without doing. You want an apprenticeship and guess what – you can enrol on one at any time. You can be 16 or 50 to do one. All you need is motivation, dedication, and a belief in yourself.

Apprenticeships have been shown to help young people, and those looking to gain the skills and training into a dream career. Having a REAL job, with REAL people, doing REAL activities. The theory and the practical, all in one course.

Whether you choose one that lasts one year or five, you will work towards a qualification. This will give you a major advantage over other candidates when the time comes to move on. Not only do you have the education but the experience as well.

And it won’t cost you a penny! All apprenticeships are fully funded, you won’t have a student loan to pay back when you start earning. In fact, you will be watching a wage hit your bank account from day one and the income goes up at every milestone you pass.

Apprenticeships are available in so many sectors and for everyone. You will be supported, funded, educated, and gain experience that is relevant to you. So, what’s stopping you?