Beanstalk Turns 2

Happy 2nd birthday to Beanstalk! Let’s get the confetti, put on our party hats, and celebrate this remarkable milestone – we’re growing faster than a magic beanstalk!


As I look back on the incredible milestones we’ve achieved, it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic. Time flies, doesn’t it? Just a year ago, we were wrapping up our first year as a new community interest company, and little did we know the amazing things that awaited us.

One of the most pivotal moments came when UnLtd provided the much-needed funding for our new office premises. Moving into Brentwood House, with its stunning chandelier and the warm welcome from the Community Futures and SELNET teams, felt like a dream come true. Finally, we had a space to offer work placement programmes, creating opportunities for individuals in our community to thrive.

We were thrilled when Community Gateway became our first partner in referring mentees to our programmes. Our pilot initiative kicked off with great success, and witnessing the positive impact we were making in people’s lives fueled our passion to do even more.

Building on this success, we made strategic changes and transformed into Beanstalk Business Centre CIC. Our new structure allowed us to launch dedicated divisions for Employment and Skills, and Food and Cookery. These initiatives were born out of the needs expressed by our communities, and we were determined to provide practical learning opportunities that catered to diverse learning preferences.

A significant highlight was delivering the NCFE L1/2 Food and Cookery programme at Carnforth High School. It allowed us to empower young individuals by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed in a practical learning environment. Watching their growth and witnessing their newfound confidence has been incredibly rewarding.

None of these achievements would have been possible without the support, funding, and faith of UnLtd. Their belief in us from the start allowed us to bring Ve Bennett, our first employee, on board as our Employment and Skills Mentor. Ve has made an incredible difference at Beanstalk, bringing her expertise and passion to our team. What would we do without you, Ve?

Our business services divisions have continued to thrive, thanks to the unwavering support of Andrea Gardner from Myerscough College. Together, we’ve collaborated on numerous projects, with the pinnacle being our invitation to the House of Lords to celebrate The Prince’s Countryside Fund’s Farm for the Future Programme’s success.

There are so many people who have been instrumental in our journey, and it would be impossible to mention them all without the fear of leaving someone out. However, special thanks go to Alistair Clarke MBE, who supported us from day one through SELNET’s Drive Programme, our support manager Jo Gibson from UnLtd, who has now become a cherished friend, the judges who recognised our efforts with awarded us SELNET Start-Up Social Enterprise of the Year 2022, and our fabulous partners who have championed us every step of the way.

But I can’t sign off without expressing my deepest gratitude to our Board of Directors. Cameron Karri, Chris Webb, and Loraine Campbell, you are my conscience, my critical friends, my sounding board. Your guidance and unwavering support have been invaluable throughout this journey. Thank you for believing in our vision and working tirelessly to help us achieve our goals.

To every person who has embraced our support, your dedication, enthusiasm, and confidence in your own life journeys inspire us every day. You are the true heroes, making positive changes one step at a time. We celebrate you!

So, here’s to our incredible journey so far, and to the countless chapters yet to be written. Together, let’s keep growing, thriving, and reaching for the stars. The best is yet to come.

Cheers to Beanstalk’s 2nd birthday!