The Culture Exchange Project in Preston

Last Saturday, we had the incredible honour of participating in an inspiring event organised by Strive 2 Thrive Lancashire CIC. The Culture Exchange Project, led by Social Ark and funded by the Foundation For Future London and Westfield Stratford, brought together talented young individuals from around the UK to experience the rich culture and diversity of Preston.

Exploring Opportunities and Engaging Conversations: The Culture Exchange Project aims to delve into the various opportunities and challenges faced by young people in different parts of the country. Participants engage in conversations encompassing a wide range of topics, including culture, community, history, personal experiences, social enterprise, equality, art, and music. It provides an open platform for meaningful discussions and deeper understanding of the issues that matter most to young individuals.

Collaboration and Community Engagement: During the visit, Strive 2 Thrive Lancashire collaborated with several local partners, including us at Beanstalk Business Centre CIC, Mandala Preston CIC, Soundskills, Farri Park Community Centre, Preston Community Hub, Let’s Grow Preston, and Red Rose Recovery. This collaborative effort brought together diverse organisations with a shared goal of empowering young minds for positive change within our community.

A Proud Representation of Preston: As representatives of Preston, four exceptionally talented young individuals showcased the vibrant spirit and creativity that our city embodies. Through their unique perspectives, they shed light on the rich cultural heritage and diversity that makes Preston a truly special place.

An Honorable Experience: Participating in this incredible event was a true honor for us. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such an important project and represent our communities.

Capturing the Moment: We would like to extend our gratitude to Cameron Karri from Masuyo Digital for capturing the memorable moments of the event through stunning photographs. These visuals serve as a reminder of the collective effort and the vibrant atmosphere that was created during this remarkable gathering.

Conclusion: The Culture Exchange Project organised by Strive 2 Thrive Lancashire CIC was a celebration of diversity, empowerment, and the unyielding spirit of young individuals. Through open dialogue, collaboration, and representation, this event showcased the true potential of our city and its young people. We are excited about the positive impact this project will have on communities nationwide, inspiring young minds, and working towards a more inclusive and equitable future.

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